About Us

Retreivables was established in September of 2020. Its mission is to help businesses recover money that is owed while securing new business for collections law firms. Retrievables utilizes technology to facilitate a marketplace where companies can post their delinquent accounts and collection law firms bid on the servicing of the accounts.

The idea from Retrievables was generated by one of the company’s founders, who had been working in the legal collections industry as a business development professional. He noticed that companies across many industries may have delinquent accounts receivable, thus being in need of services to collect.

Shortly after the idea came about, Retrievables brought on its Co-founder and CTO, who supports all areas of the business and is responsible for the development of the Retrievables technology platform.

The Retrievables team believes that employing a collections law firm is the best way to collect on past due invoices. Their calls and demand letters are the strongest and the law firms can ultimately file suit, unlike any other collections outfit.

In February of 2021, Retrievables launched in Massachusetts and is in private beta where the company has been working with businesses and collection law firms throughout the state. Plans for a public launch are underway.

Retrievables and its team is steadily growing and excited to serve more and more businesses and collection law firms.